About Us

Susannah Ferguson grew up in the Kent countryside. A love of fresh produce and an interest in food became an integral part of her life. “I think growing up in the Garden of England rubbed off on me somehow.”

Her close connection with food continued when she worked with Michael Barry (one of the very first celebrity chefs). Together they  produced a book called “Michael Barry’s Great House Cookery” which became a hugely successful TV series.

Delicious Pasta made with Susannah's Sauces Succulent Tomato Sauce. Gluten free and free of artificial additives or preservatives
Delicious pasta made with Susannah’s Sauces Succulent Tomato Sauce. Gluten free and free of artificial additives or preservatives

This success was followed by an even more popular TV series called “Famous Foods of the South.”

Marriage saw Susannah move to Berkshire where she lives with her husband and two young children.

Encouraging young children to be adventurous and eat a wide variety of food is always a challenge. Susannah set about producing sauces in her kitchen designed to make food more appealing and delicious. Key to this was using fresh ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives. Over time these have evolved into a range of Susannah’s Sauces.

“My philosophy is everything in moderation. It’s the quality of ingredients that really counts, fresh, wholesome and locally sourced where possible.

What is the point of eating  something that is full of artificial preservatives and additives and has been sitting on a shelf for a year or more. It probably won’t do you any harm, but why not eat something that was made fresh last week? Who benefits by adding artificial ingredients? It certainly isn’t the consumer who eats the product”.

Flirty French Dressing and Bewitching Butterscotch are old family favourites. Over time Susannah added Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise, Scrumptious Savoury Sauce, Spectacular Chocolate Spread and Succulent Tomato Sauce. Her range of  sauces sell at the numerous food fairs around the country and at a few selected farm shops.

Susannah has taken enormous care in using high quality ingredients in all her sauces. She believes that you can’t make a good food product with poor ingredients.

All her sauces are made with great love and care in her kitchen in Berkshire which has a 5 star hygiene rating.